Skin In The Game

Skin In The Game

Put Your Skin in the Game: HolosBody’s Advice


Have you ever wanted something so badly, you could almost taste it? It drove your thoughts, actions, and consumed your free time — both mentally and physically. 

If this point resonates with you, you’ve probably come to realize that how much you believe in something is directly manifested by what you’re willing to risk for it. 

The phrase “skin in the game” is one we have often heard but rarely stopped to truly dissect. 

So what is “skin in the game?”

Skin in the game refers to accepting the risk (monetary or otherwise) by being involved in achieving a goal — having a significant personal stake in the future outcome. When you put skin in the game, it is seen as a sign of good faith or a show of confidence in the success of the result. 

More often than not, we get caught up in our back-up plans. But having skin in the game means there is no back-up plan. It removes the optionality for plans B, C, D , E, F, & G and demands that plan A succeeds. When you put skin in the game, you not only take ownership for the risks but also for the results. Pocket books don’t lie; and like the Proverb says, “Where your treasure (money) is, there your heart will be also.” 

Broken down simply: sink or swim; fish or cut bait; plata o plomo. 


Most likely, in order to start your business, you left a corporate job or a profession that had you chained to a desk and florescent lighting— you sacrificed a secure paycheck and a set work schedule for ultimate freedom. But this came with a price tag — both a monetary, emotional, and physical investment in order to achieve your dream. So, as a business owner, you’ve already made the commitment to put skin in the game. Yet, don’t go back to bondage by thinking this is a one-time commitment. This is something you are going to have to do day-after-day. 

In fact, this isn’t something that just you will have to be committed to, but you will also need to shift the mindset of your clients and make them understand that they too will need a financial commitment if they truly want to stick to your program, transform their bodies and transform their lives.

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