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I recently had an enlightening conversation with Caleb, owner of a gym in Australia. Here’s a recap of our discussion:

  • Caleb’s gym was in a tough spot post-Covid, and he was on the verge of considering liquidation. Despite trying various marketing tactics, nothing seemed to work.
  • After joining the HolosBody program, Caleb’s gym experienced a dramatic turnaround, generating $81,946 in revenue from an ad campaign in just four weeks.
  • Caleb attributes this success to a paradigm shift from focusing solely on exercise to a more holistic approach, which takes into account clients’ mindsets, habits, and behaviors. This approach allowed him to increase membership prices and offer a more premium service.
  • The HolosBody system, as Caleb pointed out, is simple and easy to implement. It focuses more on clients’ habits and mindset, which are the areas they’re struggling with.
  • Caleb has achieved a 100% closing rate for his 35 consultations, which he attributes to having genuine conversations with potential clients and getting to know them on a deeper level.
  • Caleb’s gym offers a tailored six-week challenge focused on habits and accountability, which has resulted in clients averaging about 1.5 kg weight loss per week.
  • Caleb’s coaches were trained to do habit and mindset coaching, which they found to be the easiest and most effective coaching they’ve ever done (easier than the calorie/macro counting method).
  • Caleb feels that his gym is now in a category of its own, offering a unique holistic transformation service that sets it apart from other gyms.
  • Caleb’s gym has achieved a 7.6X return on ad spend (ROAS) on the front end and a 32X ROAS when including the back-end cash (including the long-term membership payments).
  • Caleb emphasizes that the HolosBody program is not a magic pill. It requires effort and learning new skills, but the results have been worth it.

This conversation with Caleb is a testament to the transformative power of the HolosBody program. It’s not just about exercise; it’s about a holistic approach that considers mindset, habits, and behaviors. It’s about genuine conversations and deep connections. And most importantly, it’s about real, tangible results.


Remi: Hey everyone. Remi Mayer here, founder of HolosBody, and today I’m with Caleb, the owner of a 6pack Bootcamp in Australia. What’s up, man?

Caleb: Man, I’m doing well.

Remi: So, congratulations. Hey, I’m just going to share the numbers. We had a quick look before this interview. You basically generated a total of $81,946 in revenue from the ad campaign that we just did in the last four weeks. So, it might sound like maybe too good to be true. So, we’re going to explain how that was possible. So first of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us how you were struggling with your lead generation and client acquisition before? And how is it now?

Caleb: Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, before meeting Remi we were in a pretty tough spot, actually, a really tough spot. To be honest, we didn’t really recover too well after Covid. And we’re trying every type of tactic, every type of gimmick, style marketing. Seven days for $7, all these cheap wishy-washy things, probably out of desperation to try and get new clients and nothing was working. Came across Remi’s ads and saw the testimonies and I thought “too good to be true“. Still booked in for a call anyway, and it was the best decision I ever made. Right now, the business is in the best position it’s ever been in we actually surpassed our previous record. And the future looks incredibly exciting for us. Such is hard to believe. It’s only been four weeks, right?

Remi: So why is that not too good to be true? What did you learn with the HolosBody program? With me, with the other coaches, with what we showed you, what we taught you? Why is that not too good to be true? How is that actually possible to get results like that?

Caleb: Yeah, it’s definitely the systems. I believe that we were overcomplicating things. I worked with some pretty awesome coaches in the past, but the strategies weren’t quite fitting what we needed to do in our business, which was, serving our audience better. Coming from more of a premium angle rather than just focusing on more exercise. I did realize after going through Remi’s modules that I pretty much ended up commoditizing my business which was just focusing on training. But really, it’s all about results coming from more of a holistic point of view that really took our game to a whole new level. Was able to increase our membership prices definitely increased our six-week challenge prices and it’s just crazy to see so much money coming in. I said to my wife the other night: “it almost feels too easy“.

Remi: So, you said basically the secret is to go more premium, right? So sometimes when I explain that to gym owners, they’re a bit overwhelmed. Because you said that word – “holistic” – and to some people it might mean: “Meditation with Sage and Paolo Santo and crystals and Ayahuasca and doing psychedelic mushrooms”. ha-ha. What does that mean actually “holistic“?

Caleb: Holistic is basically looking at health from a bigger perspective rather than just exercise. It’s looking at their mindsets, looking at their habits, it’s looking at behaviors. And for us it was like literally a game breaking decision for us. Cuz now we get more intimacy with our clients. We get to know our clients on a deeper level. We’ve already realized our retention has increased because we are able to offer that, that more premium holistic approach.

Remi: And so how do you do that? Is that a complicated system? How do you do it?

Caleb: No, it’s really really simple, like following your system is actually quite simple. My coaches, I won’t lie, were quite nervous. They were thinking, they’ll have to rechange everything just to relearn stuff, but it’s actually quite simple. Especially with the type of demographic we deal with. Basically, we are just focusing on their habits, and we don’t even have to go so deep into nutrition like we used to. I do feel like we were overcomplicating things previously. But now it’s such a simple system focused more on their habits and obviously more on their mindset is that’s really what they’re struggling with.

Remi: Okay. And so, when I explain that to some gym owners, they’re like “What? Habit coaching? Mindset coaching? What is that? I’m just a CrossFit coach, or I’m just a strength and conditioning coach. I don’t want to deal with their mindset and their habits and their mind. I’m not a therapist, I’m not a psychologist.“. What would you say to them?

Caleb: You don’t have to be. It’s nothing like that, to be honest. We thought that’s what we had to do as well until we got until into the course and realized you’re basically just having genuine conversations and you’re really getting to know your client on a deeper level. So, there’s no need to be a therapist. It’s basically being a great listening ear and listening to what they’re actually going through. And so far, our relationships with our, even our clients that have been with us five plus years, they even feel the relationships a lot better because we’ve taken the time to get to know them better.

Remi: Awesome. And so, you take the time while when they are clients, you spend more time with them, and also that first consultation: You spend maybe like 45 minutes here to get to know them and because you do that, tell us about your closing rate, your enrollment rate.

Caleb: Yeah, so it’s actually, I’ve blown in my own mind. So, at the moment I’m 35, from 35 sales in the last four weeks I haven’t missed. Yeah, and it is, it’s really, that’s why, it feels too easy. It really feels. Every time I get a consultation now, I’m like, is this going to be the No? But it’s no, it’s just, I just follow the script that I’ve been learning and it’s just the results are coming through.

Remi: Ok. Tell us a bit more about, that process of you learning that script that I provide. We role played also. Yeah. Can you tell us a bit more about, that sales process we have. Is it like pushy, salesy? How is it, how does that feel?

Caleb: To be honest, I’ve gone through a lot of sales training in my past. I’ve worked with some really awesome salespeople in my 10 years as a fitness coach, and this is probably the best sales system I’ve ever learned. Clearly 35 sales from 35 consultations. It’s just the way that it comes across, it’s very genuine. Like I, I literally feel the most genuine. I wouldn’t even call myself a salesperson. I’m just literally trying to find that if I can help them. I’ve never come from that angle before doing sales, and I feel like the pressure’s not even on me. I’m just literally trying to find that if I can help them or not. That’s awesome. It doesn’t feel like 35 new clients in the last four weeks.

Remi: And what’s actually really impressive is the money that you’ve made. So, we did the math right before this interview, and I’m going to share the screen here and we’re going to show the numbers. Here we go. Can you see can you see my screen, Caleb? All right. Yep. Basically, you got some leads, you got some appointments, some people didn’t show, but you got 24 new challengers. So that’s for a six-week challenge. It’s not a free one. It’s a paid six-week challenge. And you also got some members. So, you got 24 challengers and three members. So, hold on. You said 35 for 35. Maybe some are missing here. Because that’s a total of 27 on the CRM. You actually probably have more clients than that.

Caleb: Yeah, I do. I do. I’ve got more members, I reactivated some old members. They saw the ads, but they actually reached out to me personally to say I’d like to come back in for a chat. So, I wasn’t actually too sure whether I counted them out of the CRM system or not. So yeah, actually here it says 27, but it’s actually 35.

Remi: The math that we did, the $82,000 is only coming from those 27 actually. We’re not even counting the 35 here. It would be even more revenue if we count the 35 clients. So basically, you are putting them into a $600 six-week transformation program. Actually, you know what I would like you to increase even more the price for this because $600 here, that’s Australian dollars. I believe you can go to up to $900. Yeah. Here is some coaching for you. You can go to $800, $900.

Caleb: Yeah. Let’s do it.

Remi: Especially, since you have a 100% closing rate, it should not be a problem for you to go to $800, $900. And so here you already made $14,400 from those challengers. And then you almost made $5,000 from the members. And what I see with my gym owner clients is that usually more than 90% of the challengers convert into members. And you told me that right now you have a 36-week retention. That’s about nine months. And, by the way, that’s your current retention, but I believe that since you went through my program, you are probably going to have even a better retention because now we focus more on habit, mindset, and providing results. So that retention is probably going to be even better. Yeah. But let’s just consider nine months retention that you currently have. You have 24 challengers. When 90% of them convert into members, basically that’s 22 people that will convert into members and you are going to keep them for nine months on average at $79 per week. So, $79 multiplied by 36 weeks, that’s nine months. Multiplied by the 22 people, that’s $62,000 dollars here. And so why do we say $82,000? Because the $62k from the challengers that will convert into members and also from the $19k that you made already. $14k for the challengers. $5k for the members. That’s $19k, so that’s $19k that you already collected, and that’s $62k that you will collect in the future. That’s a total of $82k. And so basically if we do the math on the front end with the money that you collected already, the $19 k. You are multiplying your money by 7.6 X. That’s a 7.6X ROAS (return on ad spend). So, each and every time you invest a dollar, you get $7.60 back. And you spent $2,558 on ads. Okay, so if we do the $81,946 divided by divided by $2,558 on ads, basically you are multiplying your money by 32 X. That’s a 32X ROAS (return on ad spend) when we include the back-end cash. So, you invest a dollar, and you make $32 back. How do you feel about that?

Caleb: That’s what I mean. It’s just hard to believe. It’s just… we’ve been trying to hit these numbers for 10 years and we’ve just done them in the last four weeks. Like my mind is literally blowing every day. I speak to my wife about it. I can’t believe not that long ago we thought we were going to lose the business. And I was already getting ready to speak with potential liquidators and stuff like that. And to see this is literally I can’t express how much stress has come off my shoulders. I sleep very awesome.

Remi: That’s awesome. I’m super happy for you, man. And so, what would you tell other gym owners saying “Hey, I’m still a bit skeptical. How is that possible? 100% closing rate? $82k generated in just 1 month?“. And by the way, if you continue like that… To be at a $1 million business, you need to make $83k/mo. You generated an extra $82k for the business. Just continue to do that and eventually you can make the $83k/month, and you’ll have a million-dollar business. You add 20, 30, 35 clients like you did this month. You continue like that and eventually at some point you’re going to have so many members that you won’t even need the challengers, just the members will be able to generate $83k to have that million-dollar business. What would you say to gym owners, watching this interview right now, and they’re like “How is that possible? What was the trick? What are the hacks? What are the tips?” What would you say?

Caleb: Honestly, I would say from the bottom of my heart, man, just do it. When we first got on a call together when I was deciding whether to jump on board, I didn’t even have the money to do it at the time. I literally had to use my wife’s credit card. It was scary, but I just, there was something in me, like the conviction that Remi gave me was just like “This is it, this is my make or break“. So, if you are sitting on the fence, thinking about it, if your business is in a position like mine once was, then just do it. I’ve been with a lot of coaches, I’ve seen a lot of systems before, and there’s nothing like this. And I know it, it sounds like I’m blowing smoke up, Remi’s backside, but it’s true. I’ve done a lot of programs before. It is scary to take the plunge, but this is the best decision I’ve ever made. To the point that I see other ads, gyms running ads now and I’m just like “oh, I remember when I used to do those. They didn’t work.

Remi: So, no free week trial, no discounts, none of that? No free six-week challenge, that is actually a bait and switch offer: you would say it’s free, while actually it’s not free. None of them. We just get them to join the consultation.

Caleb: Yeah.

Remi: How much time do you spend for that consultation?

Caleb: It’s usually about 45 minutes to an hour. But like it’s such an important part now. Cause I used to rush those previously. They’re so important. Allows us to screen the client as well. And the biggest feedback I’ve got so far from the 35 consultations I’ve done this month is they always appreciate the time I’ve given them. Cause apparently a lot of gym owners just rushed them through a process just to hurry up and try and get them to sign up. But they really do appreciate that 45 minutes to an hour, me really trying to get to know them.

Remi: And then tell us a bit more about how you deliver that six-week challenge. What’s so unique about it?

Caleb: It’s very different in terms of it’s tailored. So, when I say tailored it, it’s more about the client itself. Instead of joining a big generic group challenge where everyone’s following the same plan. It’s more about their habits. It’s more about keeping them accountable. It’s more focusing on the results as well. But there’s no crash dieting, there’s no macro counting. We don’t do any over the top stuff that we used to do. Again, that’s me saying that I used to overcomplicate this, the whole process, and it is, it’s the most streamlined six week challenge we’ve ever run. My coaches absolutely love it. It’s less work for them, but we get so much better results for our clients.

Remi: That’s cool. What type of results are they getting? Some of them started four weeks ago, some others three weeks ago, some others two weeks ago, and some others this week. What type of results are they getting four weeks in, like the first ones that you got? Are they getting still good results even though they’re not counting calories, not counting macros or stuff like that?

Caleb: Yep. Yep, definitely. So, we put them on a body scan machine every week. And so far, they’re averaging about 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) per week. So, they’re moving very fast. Which is the craziest results we’ve ever had, but it’s the least amount of work we’ve ever done.

Remi: That’s amazing. I actually did not know that. You didn’t tell me that. That’s great! So, hold on… 1.5 kg. Let’s do some translations here for people watching us in the US. 1.5 kg multiplied by six weeks. That’s 9kg. And so, what is that in pounds? Let me Google it here quickly. That’s 20 pounds. Wow.

Caleb: Yeah, most of them are averaging about 1.5 kilos per week.

Remi: So, they’re going ripped without counting calories, without counting macros, without making it complicated for them.

Caleb: Yeah. Not at all. Nowhere near as what we used to do. We used to make it very complex.

Remi Okay. And how are your coaches liking it? How did they learn how to do the habit coaching and the mindset coaching? Because it was not a skill that they had, and it’s something that we teach inside the HolosBody program. How was that process? Tell us a bit more about that.

Caleb: Yeah. Like it was a big change for our coaches. A lot of my coaches have come from the traditional calorie counting, macro tracking. A lot of us have come from bodybuilding backgrounds, so we are very stuck in our ways with this system. I gave them access to the module, of course, so they can learn in their own times and learn how people like Lauren (mindset and habit coach at HolosBody) do habit coaching and mindset coaching. So, they really got invested in that. Credits in my team, they put in that work to learn how to do this thing properly. And it is, it’s the easiest coaching that they’ve ever done. They’ve told me that personally. And they love it. It’s just less work, but better results. Happier clients.

Remi: So, less work. You can charge more now. Your gym members are happy, your coaches are happy. You’re making more money than you ever made before. So just keep doing that. Now it’s about just continuing to do that and making sure that you continue, with those numbers for a few months and then you are gonna be maxed out anyway.

Caleb: A hundred percent believe that! I can see it. I can. For the first time in my life, I can actually see it.

Remi: What’s your maximum capacity right now?

Caleb: I would probably I, it was 300, but I, we’ve got two sides so we even going to clear out another side so we can push it.

Remi: Okay. Let’s do it. Let’s go for it. I think we spoke about 300 members when we had our first call, but now you see that you can expand even more. And 500 should not be a problem. You just keep running that system and then you’re going to fill it up for sure.

Caleb: I think the craziest thing for me is there’s gyms around my area. They’re going into liquidation at the moment. There’s an F45 around the corner: they went bankrupt. There was another gym around the corner. They went into liquidation, and it just seems crazy that all these gyms are closing down because they’re struggling to keep their doors open. Yet we are growing at a fast rate that I’ve never seen before. And we’re in winter. Which is crazy. It’s cold right now in Australia. So, winter’s not usually a popular time for gyms to grow, but we are growing very quick while a F45 gym is closing doors. They shut the doors last month.

Remi: Why do you think that is? While F45, they have the brand, right? Why do you think that is that you are able to crush it while a F45 gym, even though they have the brand, they are now shutting the business.

Caleb: I personally think because we’ve had a lot of their clients come over to us recently. I personally think they are too focused about exercise and working out. There’s nothing to do with habits. There’s no nutrition support, there’s no body scans, there’s no accountability, there’s no habits or mindset coaching. There’s just exercise. And the clients that have come over from F45, they are looking for that extra support and help. And we happen to be the ones that are able to provide for them.

Remi: Exactly. And so now you are not even really in the gym category. Right now, you’re in the holistic transformation center category, and so it means that you don’t even compete with gyms. You’re just your own unique thing in your local area.

Caleb: Absolutely. Yeah. I don’t have competition anymore. I literally feel like we’re playing in a category of one, we are now our own category.

Remi: Exactly. That’s the whole point of the HolosBody system. To create that category of one. Exactly. It’s because we work on that, that then the advertising, the scheduling, the enrollments, everything becomes much easier, right?

Caleb: Oh, a hundred percent!

Remi: Because then the ads sound different. Your sales process sounds different. Everything sounds very different. And that’s what makes it work really well. Don’t be too afraid of doing the habit and mindset coaching. It might sound daunting to you guys, who are only used to providing group classes or personal training, but it’s not that complicated. You’re not going to become their shrinks. You’re just going to talk to them in a normal way. And it’s pretty, pretty simple. How many coaches do you have doing that? The habit coaching?

Caleb: So I’ve got two full-time coaches. Two part-time coaches.

Remi: Okay. So that’s four people that went through the training on that: it’s six hours of videos. Plus, also you spoke with Lauren, our mindset, and habit coach. Did they spoke to Lauren, or just you?

Caleb: Just me.

Remi: So, all they’ve done is watched Lauren’s videos and they understood it, right? They just watched her videos and maybe you spoke with Lauren, then you spoke with them, and you transferred some of the stuff that you learned from Lauren to your four coaches, but pretty simple process.

Caleb: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Very simple.

Remi: All right, man thank you so much. If you’re watching this interview right now and you are wondering still if it’s too good to be true, let’s talk. I don’t invite everybody. In fact, I make an offer to about a third of the gym owners I talk to. It’s pretty often, most of the time, two out of three times I say “Hey, sorry. I don’t think we’re a fit because, I don’t think I can help“. But if I make you an offer, then you can become a success story just like Caleb. Caleb, do you remember that first call we had? I checked and checked and checked and checked that if you join the HolosBody program, you’ll be successful, right?

Caleb: Absolutely, yeah. And it was your reassurance that actually got me over the line, to be honest. I felt the conviction that you could actually help me. And at that time, I really needed help. And I just believed that you were the one that were able to turn my business around.

Remi: So basically, there is no risk. I understand the skepticism because – hey – $82k in extra revenue in the last four weeks. It’s wow, it’s pretty impressive. But yeah, it’s possible. Caleb did it. And that’s what we do. That’s what we’ve been doing for the last six years. I know that it might sound like too good to be true, but hey, it’s not it’s not an easy program either. You had to work your ass off, Caleb? You had to learn a lot of new skills. You had to get out of your comfort zone, right? It was not like “Hey we’re going to set up your ads for you, Caleb.” It was not just setting up ads, it was actually a process. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Caleb: Yeah, definitely. It was a whole new learning process. It wasn’t easy in terms of just watch this little video and you’ll understand it. There was a lot of training. That’s how I knew it was going to be a legit program, because the more effort I had to put in, I just knew it was going to turn my business around as opposed to other gym business coaches or even marketing agencies that would just say “yeah, we’ll just do this for you“. They never got me the results that I actually wanted. So, it is a bit of learning, but the future is very bright for us moving forward. Worth it.

Remi: So, it’s not a magic pill, but it does work really freaking well. If I make you an offer, there is no worries. So, if you are skeptical right now, just book a call with me. We’ll talk. I won’t make you have an offer if I don’t believe I can help. I’m only going to make you an offer if I’m sure I can help. There is no risk. So, book a call with me. Go to https://holosbody.com/freecall Thank you so much again, Caleb. Thank you for sharing your success story. Super happy for you. Basically, from about to liquidate the gym to now adding $82k to the business in just 1 month. Super excited for you.

Caleb: Oh, thank you, Remi. Thank you so much for your system and thank you for inviting me onto the program.

Remi: My pleasure. Talk to you soon, man.

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