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Remi is a fitness marketer that goes beyond just setting up ads, funnels and sales systems. He also helps gym owners with their mindset, identity and creating a lifestyle that ensures more profit and – much more important – more freedom!

Willem Hilberdink


Remi is the only guru who is NOT full of shit!

Tye Arnett

josh CrossFit The Shack

Really starting to see the bigger picture and start valuing the gym as not just a cool place with cool equipment. Obviously good quality coaching and that but start being like, the community and the culture is the best part about the gym. Not only did it open my mindset up, it’s allowed me to then help and really focus on all the members here.

Josh Eisentrager – Crossfit The Shack

We’ve learnt so much from Remi and his team at Max Out Your Gym/HolosBody™ . One of the big things being that it’s about showing your prospects through amazing video and marketing strategies, that you are somewhere that can inspire and motivate people to succeed in their body and life transformations by customizing your programs to suit the individual once you understand what it is that they need. It’s bringing the right people through the door and asking the right questions to give them the best possible chance of success. And their success is your success so…Yes, we love the program.

Nikki & Mac – Rx Fitness 235


I’ve been with Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody – getting help from Remi. It’s just been an organic seamless flow of even adding new athletes, that there’s no division between existing athletes and new athletes. And our community is closer than ever. You get clear cut ways to follow through. Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody – you can see everything that you’re about to implement before you do it. And you know that you’re prepared. And you’ve got tools the whole step of the way, you don’t have to feel like you’re doing it on your own. I was always overwhelmed and felt like the technical part was daunting. But it’s empowering to think that “Oh wow I can do that too. Those people I saw online, that’s me now.

Renee – CrossFit Winston Salem


It’s enabled me to 1: fill up my coaches shoes and me being able to step back a little bit and just focus on doing what I wanna do, as a business and growing and moving forward.

PerFit Health & Wellness – Anthony Ebery

Brent Raeymaekers

The good thing about this program is that you can make money while doing the program. You just need to put in the work and to really listen and implement the tips that you get. But if you have an open mind, and you really want to work for it: it works 100% of the time. Every other owner I met through video calls or via FB, they all have great results. Everyone helps each other out and you can learn from each other so that’s a big plus.

Brent Raeymaekers


What Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody has done for me is systematize a lot of things, especially my sales process. And I’ve been able to bring the right people into the business and freed my time up. The gym right now is buzzing. Max Out Your Gym™ /HolosBody fits what I was all about as well. Really just showing who we are. And it works. The money’s a bonus. We’re actually helping people with better programs, better results.



I realize now that it has taken you and your program, Remi, to be able to make me take the steps to be able to grow my gym in this way. I needed help. And I’ve come to the realization that there are people out there that want to join my gym and that they want to put some skin in the game to make it happen.


Alex Helen

The members we get now are so different from the members that we used to get. They’re genuine, they wanna be part of a community. They realize that you’re gonna help them and they see real benefits.

Alex & Helen

tom Fit Missions

So before I started working with Remi, it was very difficult to get new clients. We were just using client referrals, word of mouth which wasn’t bringing too many people in. Since joining Remi’s Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody program we have completely transformed our business thanks to him and his team. We are getting more and more members every week and also it’s just helped us massively with the marketing and also changing myself and my team’s mindset about how we acquire new clients. And also retaining those clients as well. It’s helped us to no end and it’s continuously helping us grow.

Tom – Fit Missions

brettclarke-warriorsportsmartial-artsandfitnessacademy (1)

Now we need to start employing more people. I’m learning to delegate. Because as the business owner, I wanted to be in control of everything but you just don’t have time to do that. And it takes a lot of time from your family and from your personal life. Whereas you start learning to delegate properly and start employing other people and giving them those responsibilities. And it allows you to get more time on your hands which at the end of the day, as a business owner, that’s what you want.

Brett Clarke

jessica crossfit

We would just get by on a monthly basis as far as income goes. So sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to pay myself and we would have to be strict with our budget at home. But now instead of having 0 dollars in the account for our business, we actually are making money. My stress levels have gone down from that. We’re able to actually pay off our credit card and we can see an end to that credit card debt. That’s a huge deal. It’s amazing when you follow Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody how it actually will improve your life.



The reason why we came to Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody was we were getting people but we felt like we had to struggle for each person that came through the door. And so in running ads now – it’s almost like turning on a faucet, where it’s “i need new people”, you turn on the faucet: the water comes out.

Lee & Chelsea


Saw myself as a coach with a lease on a building before. And now I feel I’m developing into a business owner and a leader. And that’s a big thing. And the biggest part is that I feel like it’s possible to have a really cool future now.

Cameron Grigg


The mindset coaching in the Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody program was the biggest game changer for me.

Michelle Lum – CrossFit 399


I think the mindset coaching has been one of the most surprising aspects of it. Because as a leader in my community, I already felt like I would not have realized how much I needed that mindset coaching. And you’ve really put me in a place where I’m confident, not only in my abilities as a coach, but now as an entrepreneur. That’s been one of the biggest shifts for me: thinking of myself as not just a business owner but an entrepreneur.

Candice Lee Davis

jaaz kane2

Our memberships increased since we started this program. And we’ve been able to hold on to those members.

Kane & Jazz


It’s been amazing results. Especially coming out of the pandemic: Max Out Your Gym/HolosBody really set us up to be successful coming out of that. It has allowed us to bring in new members that want to be here and are committed.

Jaime & Kendyll


We decided to start with the Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody program and we just learned a ton of things. Now we have nutrition programs, personal training programs, lifestyle programs…so a lot of diversification and also more in depth with the clients we have.

Rick & Mark


t is long term, it is sustainable. And that’s the way we use it. It’s not one of those things where we’re just giving out free stuff and people are coming in one day and not staying on. I have a really high schedule rate to sign up, it’s at 90%.



It made me more relaxed regarding the future of my business. Financially, it was always okay but it was never great. Taxes are really high in Paris, crazy overheads. We would spend all of the money back in the business. Now since we’ve started the program the money we’ve added, that’s almost just benefits. It’s added value for us. Now I’m looking to hire a full time coach.

Joachim Marty


I’m 100% certain now we can get our members’ results. That’s why we have a 100% enrollment rate.



Just doing the free 5 days training, without even being in the Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody program yet, I did up sell some people. People asked by themselves to up sell. And new people came in and became members.



I would highly suggest taking advantage of the consulting that you get alongside the marketing and lead generation. And I would go as far as to say that the consulting work that Max Out Your Gym™/HolosBody does is almost as valuable, if not more valuable than the lead generation itself.



We turned on this campaign 3 days before Christmas and I remember sitting there at home with my two little kids, my baby and toddler, getting notifications on my phone saying ‘this lead just came in’ and ‘oh look, they just booked an appointment’. You don’t have to do anything!



The system works. It’s upgraded. It’s fantastic.


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