The HolosBody 2.0 Program

Our Vision For You

A 8-week workshop designed to give you the exact skill set to massively grow your gym.

Put simply, you get:

  1. White-Labeled Health Coaching Online Course you can use with your gym members (just add your logo).
  2. AI Health Coach trained on the content from the online course.
  3. Done-For-You Ad Setup. No need to learn the complicated tech stuff.
  4. Scripts and Cheat-Sheets to sell with love and integrity.

So that you can:

  1. Help your clients on ALL aspects of health
  2. Permanently change your client’s perspective and habits
  3. Transition from being “another gym in town” to a Transformational Gym. You will differentiate yourself from your competitors
  4. You will be able to dramatically improve your marketing, generate hundreds of leads, and convert them into high-paying and long term members. You’ll be able to acquire 10-80+ new ideal members per month

Health & Habit Coaching 

You will be able to use a White-Labeled (just add your logo) Health Coaching Online Course to coach your members on all elements of health:

You also get our AI Health Coach so that your gym members can easily get the knowledge required to transform their health and fitness, just by chatting with the AI Health Coach. We also recommend using a Habit Coaching app to keep them accountable. These tools help you provide transformational results to ALL your members.

Lead Generation & Marketing

And once you have a delivery system to TRANSFORM your clients fitness and health, you’ll get a marketing system to generate tons of qualified high-quality leads. 

We setup ads FOR YOU. We setup ads for a consultation at the gym, for paid programs: no gimmicks, no tricks, no free trials, no discounts, no bait-and-switch offers, no free 6-week challenges. No BS.

“Reverse-Enrollment” Methodology

Once you know how to generate tons of leads, you will learn how to convert your leads into high-paying ideal clients.

The first thing you want to do is have them explain what they’re going through.

  • Their trials, tribulations, and what they’ve tried before to lose weight, get rid of chronic diseases and finally solve their problem.
  • How much they’ve invested financially and emotionally.
  • And what’s going to happen if they DON’T get this problem solved soon.

Then, you will ask them what they THINK life could look like if their problem was solved.

  • Have them really paint the picture and explain to you in great detail.

And finally, you need to QUALIFY them.

  • Are they emotionally committed and have a problem that needs to be solved?
  • Are they financially capable (and able to get the resources necessary, or use credit)?
  • And are they ready to act quickly (are they in a place where they want this problem solved TODAY)?

Here’s what we’re subtly doing with this “Reverse-Enrollment” Methodology, which gets them to chase you subconsciously:

We’re identifying where they are, giving them a future of hope of where they want to be, and framing working with you as the bridge to get there.

This is the “reverse-enrollment” methodology to get clients to chase you. No more begging them for the sale. No more wondering why they ghost you. No more wondering what to say.

And the best part is this method isn’t slimy, sleazy, or salesy.

Inside our program, you get the opportunity to get sales feedback on your consultations and work together hand-in-hand. So all the guesswork is completely removed from the equation inside the program. And once you learn this “reverse-enrollment” sales skill, you will be able to generate 10-80+ new high-paying ideal members per month.

What You Can Expect From the HolosBody Program

So to recap – this is what you can expect with our program: 

You’ll differentiate yourself from the competition. You will be the only gym in your area truly helping with Health, Habit, & Accountability Coaching.

For our current gym owners and personal trainer clients, these skills have been worth hundreds of fitness clients paying a premium price: $200, $300, $400, $500/mo!

So let’s just do some quick math.

If your memberships are priced between $150 and $500 per month, and your average membership is at $250…

With just 150 members, you’ll generate $250 X 150 = $37,500 per month. Which is $450,000 per year.

And these numbers are pretty conservative, you can charge more for your memberships and have an average membership that is higher than $250. You can also have more than 150 members.

But at least with just 150 clients, charging just $250 on average per month, you can have a gym business generating great revenue.

If you want a million dollar business, with the same $250 average membership, you’d only need 333 members. Which is  definitely achievable. It is much easier than having 555 members with an average membership of $150. 

This is why we recommend improving your delivery, so that you can serve your members at a higher level, charge more and not need too many members to achieve your income goals.

The Next Step

The next step is to watch our free masterclass.

On it, we cover:

✅ How to consistently attract 10-80 new members per month… Without relying on content marketing or spending huge amounts of money

✅ How to charge significantly more money per month: between $150 and $500+/month per client… Even if you’ve never charged that much

✅ How to work less… While still delivering an amazing service 

✅ How to provide better results to your gym members… Without having to do anything new

✅ How to improve your reputation, retention, and increase your word of mouth… Without using complicated retention techniques

If you struggle with your marketing and if you struggle getting new clients and keeping them… despite having tried marketing agencies or guru programs…

If you love the idea of growing a profitable and sustainable fitness business, without having to hustle or without having to use gimmicky/salesy strategies…

And if you dream of a life where you no longer worry about your income and your time… 

This training is a MUST-WATCH.

Because we dive into all this and more, so ultimately, you can get better results with your fitness clients and turn what you have into a more profitable, sustainable fitness business… and have the income, the freedom and the impact you deserve.

To take the next step and transform your fitness business, click the button below:

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

I promise it will be the most rewarding 45 minutes you have ever spent working on your fitness business.

These people are extraordinary. They worked very, very hard. If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.

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