The HolosBody Method

Improving Your Delivery & Position Your Fitness Business as a Transformational Gym

How do we grow gyms with 20-50+ new members per month, consistently and until maximum capacity?

With the HolosBody method, we start by “installing” Health Coaching and Habit Coaching into your gym, so that you can start providing transformational results to your gym members.

To do so, we give you access to a white-labeled health coaching online course that you can use with your gym members. Just add your logo and the course is yours.

Our AI Health Coach also coaches your gym members FOR YOU on their habits, nutrition, sleep, stress management,…

And the app keep them accountable on your behalf. 

From there, you’ll be able to generate amazing body and life transformation success stories from your gym members.

Then, you’ll learn how to share those success stories by learning storytelling techniques.

We then setup ads FOR YOU. No gimmicks, no tricks, no bait-and-switch offers, no free 6-week challenges. No BS. You’ll generate as many leads as needed – with integrity.

Then, we show you (or your team) how to sell without feeling sleazy, pushy, or desperate. We show you how to enroll new gym members with love and integrity.

Your retention and reputation will be outstanding, your word of mouth will be on autopilot.

And finally, with all that extra profit, you’ll be able to hire more team members, delegate to them, and work less hours.

It’s simple and straightforward.

The New "Results First" Method

With our “Results First” method, you are able to do what you’re here for: you are truly INSPIRING your prospects and clients into their growth with you.

You won’t need gimmicks, tricks or lies. You just show the truth and the certainty in your ability to help people, and your prospects see the truth, align with it, and willingly agree to pay full price for your support.

When your prospects resonate with YOUR certainty, it’s very magnetizing. And it makes the whole sales process smooth and comfortable. You’re coming from a place of compassion, caring and certainty.

And there’s no hamster wheel anymore. Instead of focusing on “more free trials, more 6-week challenges, more ads, more DMs”, we optimize your delivery FIRST, and THEN we install marketing, lead generation and sales systems.

It’s much easier and sustainable. 

What 1% Of Fitness Pros Know That You Don’t

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