Discover the Proven 4-Step System for Consistently Signing 20-50 New Gym Members Every Month

(Without Chasing Dead-End Leads)

If you're a gym or studio owner struggling to attract and retain enough members, constantly worrying about making ends meet, and feeling trapped on the hamster wheel of lead generation... then this message is for you.

Hi, I’m Remi Mayer, founder and CEO of HolosBody. Over the past 6 years, my team and I have helped over 400 gym and studio owners just like you implement a simple, 4-step system to consistently sign 20-50 new members every single month.

If you’ve ever wanted a clear, step-by-step path to creating a sustainable surge of new members and scaling your gym to 6&7-figures, without the soul-crushing rejection of constant follow-up, then keep reading. This has the power to completely transform your business and your life.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Gym Owners Make

Before we dive into the system, let’s talk about the biggest mistakes most gym owners are making (and why those mistakes are destroying your chances of success).

MISTAKE #1: Endlessly Chasing Leads Instead of Building Authority

If you’re like most gym owners, you’ve probably been told that the key to success is generating more leads. So you pour countless hours into cold calling, texting, and emailing every single lead… only to face constant rejection. The truth is, chasing leads is a massive waste of time and energy that traps you in a never-ending cycle of hustle and grind.

MISTAKE #2: Focusing on Free Trials, Discounts, and Gimmicks Instead of Real Transformation

The second mistake I see gym owners make is relying on free trials, challenges, and discounted offers to get people in the door. Here’s the problem: these tactics attract bargain-hunters and tire-kickers who are only there for the freebie. They have zero commitment and will abandon ship the moment the deal ends.

MISTAKE #3: Relying on Manipulative Marketing Tactics and High-Pressure Sales

The third deadly mistake that most gym owners make is using hype, pressure, and aggressive sales techniques to try to force people into buying. Here’s why this backfires: today’s consumers are savvy and skeptical. They’ve been burned too many times by sleazy marketers. Manipulative tactics instantly trigger their defenses and destroy trust.

If these tactics are so ineffective and destructive, then what actually works to consistently attract your dream clients and build a highly profitable gym? It all comes down to the “Transformation-Driven System.”

The Transformation-Driven System

The Transformation-Driven System is a simple, 4-step process for turning strangers into dream clients in 24-48 hours, without chasing leads or resorting to discounts and high-pressure sales. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: The Transformation-Driven Video

The first step is to create a compelling video that positions you as the go-to expert in your market and pre-frames you as the recognized authority, so your ideal clients see you as the obvious choice. By sharing your core message in a leveraged way, you can reach a vast audience of your dream clients without wasting time on unproductive lead generation and endless nurturing.

STEP 2: The Ideal Gym Client Attraction System

Now that you have your Transformation-Driven Video, you need a reliable way to get it in front of your ideal clients. The Ideal Gym Client Attraction System combines:

  • the power of advanced AI technology to generate magnetic content marketing
  • psychology-based advertising strategies to help you attract perfect-fit members quickly and affordably.

STEP 3: The Heart-Driven Selling Process

Once you have a surge of high-quality appointments booked, the next step is to enroll those prospects into your premium coaching programs, so you can deliver the transformation they crave. The Heart-Driven Selling Process allows you to sign your ideal clients with a single, time-efficient conversation that feels authentic, serving, and natural for both you and your prospect.

STEP 4: The Transformation Center Operating System

The final component of the Transformation-Driven System is implementing a powerful process for delivering on your promises and creating a tribe of walking, talking billboards. The Transformation Center Operating System combines a user-friendly Health & Functional Wellness app with done-for-you habit building and mindset coaching systems. This empowers you to offer a world-class experience that sets you lightyears ahead of the competition.

The Life-Changing Results You Can Expect

Just imagine how your life will look once you implement the Transformation-Driven System:

  • You’ll wake up every morning to a flood of high-quality appointments from your Transformation-Driven Video, eager to join your thriving gym…
  • You’ll feel the pride and satisfaction of knowing you’re making a real, lasting difference in your clients’ lives…
  • You’ll be free from the chains of financial stress, confident in your ability to provide for your family while living your purpose…
  • And most of all, you’ll have the joy and fulfillment that comes from building a wildly profitable gym that empowers you to do what you love and create the lifestyle of your dreams.

How We Can Help

If you’re a driven gym owner committed to transforming lives, ready to rapidly grow your business, so that you can build the successful gym you’ve always dreamed of…

Then I invite you to schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session with me and my team. On this call, we’ll map out a custom game plan for implementing the Transformation-Driven System in YOUR unique gym, so you can achieve a massive surge of new clients and revenue in the next 60-90 days.

To secure one of the limited spots, just click the button below to book your free consultation. We’ll meet on Zoom so that you can tell us about your gym, about what’s not working and your goals.

Don’t wait – I’d hate for you to miss out on this opportunity to get our help breaking free from the stress and overwhelm of gym ownership, so you can build the profitable business of your dreams and start experiencing the financial freedom and fulfillment that comes from transforming lives each and every day.

Click this button now, submit your application, and let’s customize your 6&7-figure gym growth plan today.

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Rémi Mayer is the Founder of maxoutyourgym
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