Results from our business coaching program vary significantly among gym owners, and testimonials on our site do not guarantee typical outcomes. All testimonials come from real clients benefiting from our marketing, sales, and operational strategies. These experiences, while genuine, may not reflect the average client’s experience and do not guarantee that every gym owner will achieve the same or similar results. Success in our program depends on various factors, including the individual’s commitment, execution of our strategies, and the unique challenges of their market. Our advice is intended to guide gym owners within the scope of business practice and is not a substitute for professional legal or financial advice.

We do guarantee results for our business coaching program, but it’s important to note that participation is by invitation only. This selective process allows us to thoroughly assess each gym owner and their business to ensure they meet the criteria for our guaranteed results. If you’re interested in discovering whether you qualify for this exclusive opportunity, we invite you to book a free consultation. This session will provide us with the chance to evaluate your situation and determine if you can benefit from our guaranteed results program. To schedule your consultation, please visit https://go.holosbody.com

How Two Gym Owners Generated an Extra $10,200 in Just One Week by Upselling Clients – Niels & Manuel

Want to add $10,000 to your bottom line in a week?
Here’s how two of my clients did it.
Niels and Manuel, owners of a CrossFit box with 130 members, generated €9,500 ($10,200) in 7 days by offering an 8-week health transformation program to existing clients.
The numbers:
– 25 consultations booked
– 20 enrollments (80% close rate)
– €450-500 per enrollment
Key strategies:
– Upsell existing €90/month members to a €500 program
– Expand beyond fitness: nutrition, sleep, recovery coaching
– Use tech: continuous glucose monitors for data-driven results
– Create exclusivity: limited spots, committed individuals only
– Personalize: weekly check-ins, body composition analysis
– Build community: group coaching, WhatsApp support
– Improve consultations: ask deeper questions, uncover motivators
– Prime prospects: set expectations for intense conversations
This approach not only boosted revenue but positioned their gym as a premium health center. They’re now expanding to non-members for further growth.

Anthony discovered my new client attraction system, and BAM! His business transformed overnight.
The results?
• 82% show-up rate for appointments
• A staggering 95% close rate
• $108 to acquire a $1,000 client (That’s a 9.26x return on ad spend!)
• 4-5 perfect-fit new clients every single week
But here’s the kicker: Anthony’s not working harder. He’s working smarter. No more chasing leads or wasting time on consultations that go nowhere.
Instead, he’s filling his gym with dream clients who:
• Show up ready to buy
• Fit seamlessly into his community
• Create an electric atmosphere that gives him “tingles”
And the best part? Anthony’s doing this without breaking the bank on ads.

How Martin Got 40 New Gym Clients in 25 Days By Only Spending 250 Euros on Ads

6 years ago, Martin, the owner of Fusion Training Centre, struggled to get any new gym clients at all.

With ineffective marketing, he feared his business would close. But after starting our system, he consistently got 10+ new clients signing up every single week – for years!

Recently, our improved HolosBody system has taken his results even higher:

In just 25 days, he got 40 new paying clients – that comes out to an average of 1.6 new clients per day!

That’s only 6.25 euros to get a new client.

Over the years, he’s acquired hundreds of clients. His growth was so explosive that he purchased his gym facility outright. He bought his dream house. And he even expanded to add a whole second floor to his gym.

While other gyms struggle in quiet seasons, Martin sustains 10+ new clients a week year-round. He can travel and spend time with family, while his business runs on autopilot.

How Steven Got 30 New Gym Clients (And $66,600 in Revenue) in Just 2 Weeks

The key is that Steven has a 100% closing rate from prospects to enrolled clients in his 6-week program.

And he has a 100% conversion rate from 6-week clients to long-term gym members.

His cost per acquisition is only 57 euros per client.

Since he sells a 600 euro program, and got 30 clients, he made 18,000 euros upfront.

That’s a 10.5x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on his ad spending.

And since 100% become members, he’ll make 48,600 euros on the back-end.

For a total of 66,600 euros in revenue. That’s an incredible 38.7x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) overall!

By focusing on all three areas – value, marketing and sales – Steven is able to rapidly grow his gym.

And his delighted clients spread the word to all their friends and family.

How? He tapped into his goldmine – past members and lost leads.

Gave them fresh, high-value offers they couldn’t refuse. Signed up 30-40 disengaged clients for $1,000, or $600 if they acted fast.

He asks key questions to uncover their pain points and desires. Then shows them the light – his results-driven coaching system to achieve the breakthroughs they want.

They see the gap between their dissatisfying situation and the life they truly want. Then tell him to shut up and take their money.

It’s all about delivering extreme value, then stacking premium services clients gladly invest in. $250 a month for customized programming, mindset training, and habit coaching.

From Brink of Liquidation to Skyrocketing Success: $82k in just 1 month!

Meet Caleb, an Australian gym owner on the brink of liquidation. After joining the HolosBody program, his gym skyrocketed, generating a whopping $81,946 in revenue in just four weeks!

Caleb’s secret? A revolutionary holistic approach focusing on clients’ mindsets, habits, and behaviors. This led to a 100% closing rate for consultations and a unique transformation service that sets his gym apart.

The result? A staggering 7.6X return on ad spend (ROAS) on the front end and a whopping 32X ROAS on the back end. No magic pill, just real effort and spectacular results.

$5,400 in just 1 week – Jeffrey Gallardo,  Jiu-Jitsu Gym Owner

Jeffrey, a Jiu-Jitsu Gym Owner, generated $5,400 in a week, achieving a 100% enrollment rate with three clients for his Jiu-Jitsu programs.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Two clients enrolled in a 12-week program, contributing $2,100 each.
  • One client chose an 8-week program, adding $1,200.

Jeffrey’s success showcases the value of our business consulting for gym owners, demonstrating what can be achieved with the right strategies and offerings.

Anthony Ebery – Perfit Training Centre

  • Was working 70 hours per week
  • Didn’t have time for his family (2 young kids)
  • Wasn’t charging enough for his services 
  • Didn’t have a system to get new leads and clients
  • He is now getting up to 50 new clients per month when he advertises for his 2 locations
  • Is now charging $1,200 for his 6-week program and $200 to $400 a month for his membership
  • Only works 15 hours a week
  • Can now go on holidays and spend time with his family
  • Doubled his revenue and take-home
  • Has more impact on his gym members

Jaime & Kendyll
Added an extra +$10,000 USD a month to revenue, added 60 new members.

Rick & Mark – CrossFit Climbers Cabin
They maxed out their gym in 2021 WITHOUT advertising.

Jazz & Kane
Are now charging $240 a month, generated 12 new clients and an extra $5,000 in recurring income in the last 3 weeks.

Generated an extra 3,000 euros RECURRING ($3.6k USD) from our FREE training.

Nikki & Mac
15 new members in a week.

Getting gym clients without advertising.

Just got 46 new members in the last 30 days.

Alex & Helen
Just acquired 40 new clients in 20 days.
Added 3,000£ in recurring income.

Got 35 new members within a month.
Added an extra $4.4k USD in recurring income.

Has an actual marketing system that is working for him, attracting high-ticket clients. And giving him more confidence in converting prospects into premium clients.

Added an extra $13,200 in recurring revenue during lockdown
(from $14k to $27.2k a month)/
Gained 10 new members in 1 week

5 new clients in hardly 2 days

Went from 75 members to 150 members in 30 days/
Spent 250€ in ads to get 75 new members/
Membership average is 65€/ He added 5K a month recurring

100 new clients and
$310,000 in just 3 months


  • Increased her memberships from $100 to $190
  • Hired 2 full time coaches

Went from 84 members to 120 members in just 2 months/
He is spending $11 to get $3,282 back

Tom gives his thoughts on the MOYG program and his enjoyment of the learning process

Has been generating an average of 30 new members every month for 2,5 years

Mac & Nikki
Mac and Nikki are already feeling the benefits of starting the program in all areas of their lives

27 new members in a month/
33 500€ generated in a month/
75€ in ad spend

4 days of running ads/
$15,000 in up-front cash/
$6,000 in recurring revenue

Up sold 40 clients/
Charging $250 to $350 per membership/
Made $8k in front-end cash

Fondly called MOYG’s “worst” client, he went from 60 to 100 members/
Hired full time coaches and gets to spend more time with his loved ones

Just made $14k in front-end cash and $48k in back-end cash in just 3 weeks / Added 65 new members since using the system
Hired 2 new coaches and an admin and is getting his time back / growing a Premium Gym generating 50+% in profit margin while only working 10 hours a week

9 new clients 2 days after launching/
On his way to 108 new members in 30 days

$3,800 front-end cash generated in 3 hours after launching his ads/
11 clients gained at a cost per lead of $2.56 in average

90 new clients in just 2 months /
$40,500 in front end cash (17x Return On Investment) / $202,500 with the back-end cash (87X Return On Investment)

Made $11,000 on his first week – He has a 95+% enrollment rate
He is multiplying his money by 189X on the front-end and by 843X on the back-end

She got 26 new clients and added $30,000 in sales in just 3 weeks – Hired an assistant – Hired a coach – Getting her time and her sleep back – She is now escaping the hamster wheel

$4,200 in front-end cash and $23,000 in back end cash in just one week – Connected to her purpose again

Has 250+ members with a 55+% profit margin

Charging $8,000 for his program – Getting between 3 and 5 clients a month, that’s between $24,000 and $40,000 a month

Charging $1,000 for her program – Went from ZERO -> $16k in just ONE WEEK

Martin is SUSTAINABLY and CONSISTENTLY growing his gyms each and every month and added more than 300 members so far.

Chris generated 60+ members in 45 days with only $500 in ad spend. That’s only $11 bucks a day in ad spend, that’s 1.33 new clients a day, and that’s only $8 bucks to acquire a new client!

Blaine got 53 new MEMBERS in 3 weeks while spending only $15/day in ad spend. He used a discounted month offer (which is actually not our best – so he could have done even better!). And he is now opening a second location and launching his online program.


Anthony Ebery – Perfit Training Centre

  • Was working 70 hours per week
  • Didn’t have time for his family (2 young kids)
  • Wasn’t charging enough for his services 
  • Didn’t have a system to get new leads and clients
  • He is now getting up to 50 new clients per month when he advertises for his 2 locations
  • Is now charging $1,200 for his 6-week program and $200 to $400 a month for his membership
  • Only works 15 hours a week
  • Can now go on holidays and spend time with his family
  • Doubled his revenue and take-home
  • Has more impact on his gym members

Gym manager acquires 150 new members worth $212,000 in just 60 days – Ayden from Fikaa

Jaime Mayer Morse and Kendyll Holmes Stafford – owner and manager at CrossFit Azimuth
Added an extra +$10,000 USD a month in revenue, added 60 new members, scheduling 90% of their leads, enrolling 100% of their shows and kept 91% of their new clients since January.

Rick and Mark – CrossFit Climbers Cabin
How they maxed out their gym in 2021 WITHOUT advertising

They are now charging $240 a month, generated 12 new clients and an extra $5,000 in recurring income in the last 3 weeks

How Etienne generated an extra 3,000 euros RECURRING ($3.6k USD) from our FREE training

How Mark generated $26,000 while running his marketing campaign for only 4 days

How Tye Arnett from Vive Group (former Affiliate Solution) helped George Rainey Giles III from CrossFit Hippo run a tight ship while the Max Out Your Gym™ acquisition system saved his gym

Eric is on its way to 108 new clients in just 30 days!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Braiden generated 11 new clients in only THREE HOURS OF LEAD GENERATION (and $3,850 in front-end cash!)

How Cyndi is generating leads for just $2 bucks and added 7 new clients and $12,000 in revenue in just 4 days of lead generation 🔥 WITHOUT a bait and switch offer… 🤯

How Candice generated $5,555 in front-end cash after just one week of using our system

How Kaylee is SUSTAINABLY growing her gym by 20 clients a month with only having ads running 2-3 days a month (with a super low ad spend budget) 😍

Creating a 7-Figure Gym: let’s talk TABOO with Chris S.

How Michael added $10k+ Revenue in his 1st Month of using the Max Out System

How Chris N. made $25k in 5 weeks as a PT/Health Consultant with ONLY 4 high ticket clients, and how he is enrolling clients for $8k 🤑🤑🤑

What 1% Of Fitness Pros Know That You Don’t

I promise it will be the most rewarding 45 minutes you have ever spent working on your fitness business.

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