In this podcast, Remi Mayer – founder of HolosBody, Lauren – mindset/habit coach, and Leidy – certified psychologist speak about the importance of putting yourself in the shoes of your leads and clients to grow your gym business.

This is a video episode so you can listen to it on all podcast platforms, or watch the video on Spotify.

In this live workshop, you will learn:

  • How to attract more leads, improve sales rates, charge more and improve retention by providing better results to gym members
  • How gyms can provide MUCH BETTER results to their clients and how it can be VERY simple and fast to “install” in a gym
  • Why group classes are not enough in order to provide results to your clients
  • Why 1:1 Personal Training or Semi-Private are better but still not ideal
  • And what to do instead

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After joining the HolosBody program, Anthony Ebery – CrossFit gym owner:  

  • went from working 70h a week to only 10h a week
  • went from relying on content marketing with very few leads and new clients to having a scalable, predictable and automated client acquisition system that brings new leads and clients each and every time he needs more
  • can now go on holidays and spend time with his family
  • doubled his revenue
  • has more impact on his gym members

Schedule your free breakthrough call here: https://holosbody.com/freecall

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In this episode, Tye Arnett shares the mindset and strategies that gym owners, personal trainers and health coaches can adopt to prepare for the upcoming recession. Some financial indicators predict the next recession in the next 6 months, so now is the time to prepare for it.

Being grateful with your gym business is important… but you should always work on making progress, as progress = happiness.

We do NOT agree with this statement:

“The desired end-result / success is 100% reliant on the participant, not the coach”.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn why.

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