Self Awareness Focus on your Strengths

Self-Awareness: Focus on Your Strengths


As a key cornerstone for emotional intelligence, self-awareness is the ability to consciously monitor your inner world, your thoughts and your emotions as they arise… It is the ability to know your own character, feelings, desires and motives. Self-awareness allows us to live pro-actively versus re-actively, and to be in good psychological health and have a positive outlook on life. It functions as the backbone for empathy and our ability to show compassion to ourselves and others. 

Numerous studies have shown that the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs are the ones with a strong sense of self-awareness. 

Highly self-aware, successful individuals have several things in common:

  • They take responsibility
  • They’re kind instead of nice
  • They know their convictions; they live by their convictions 
  • They are confident in their identity; they don’t let the opinion of other’s dictate their words or actions 
  • They repeatedly show up in their own integrity, even when others do not meet them in the same way
  • They never waste a good mistake, but use them as a lesson to sharpen themselves
  • They operate with conscious leadership: they trust themselves and their team with the same respect
  • They know that who they are becoming is a product of who they are; they value self-development, mentorship and wisdom
  • Positivity governs their lives: all things are possible


  1. How good are you at monitoring your inner world?
  2. Do you take responsibility for your actions and mistakes?
  3. Does empathy come naturally?
  4. Do you make friends easily?
  5. Do you find that people naturally follow you?

If you want to become a great business owner and sales closer, you’ll need to become self-aware and in-turn focus on your strengths!


Each of us have a unique code that affects how we naturally organize information in our brains. This process allows us to be:

  • Aware of the way we naturally perform at our best
  • Free from limitations that restrict our full potential
  • Empowered to use our unique wiring to serve the world

This code is called your Brain Type, and it affects everything you do. Identifying your code and understanding how to use it will help you understand your strengths, further develop your self awareness and live your best life. 

We encourage you to take this DISC personality test to understand your unique personality type.

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