Maxout Vs Gymleadmachine


This article compares Maxout with Gymleadmachine and helps you get a simplified understanding of the differences and what makes Maxout standout!



Why gym owners are switching from Gymleadmachine to Maxout


The Maxout Platform is a Client Acquisition System To Grow & Sustain a Million Dollar + Gym, while Gymleadmachine is a lead management tool for growing clubs.


Meaning if you simply want to grow your “club”, you can stick with the basic growing level Gym lead Manager – Gymleadmachine. However, if you want to get your gym to the next level and grow your gym into a Million Dollar business, the Maxout Platform is the obvious choice.


And here’s some reasons why:


Website creation, design & management


Not everyone has the patience or knowledge to create a website and modify it from scratch.


That’s why Maxout offers a variety of professionally customized templates which don’t need any previous experience to navigate, just drag and drop. They have been tested, they convert and generate high-quality leads.


Gymleadmachine does offer a variety of ready made, customized and modifiable templates made for gym websites and PTs: it allows you to use it’s own tools for a do-it-yourself approach.


Website Design is the most important aspect of digital marketing, you can’t attract an audience if you don’t have a website with your Gym brand and identity. The first step for capturing leads and customers is getting a website designed and properly managed.


With Maxout no need to pay an upfront website cost (minimum $500) for the services of a website development agency; you can just do it yourself with our website builder. No more waiting on web developers to update your website. You have full control. Meaning no lags, no annoying mails for web hosting and no extra fees! Maxout makes it easy for just $97/month.

Gymleadmachine is more expensive, for a total of $75/week ($300/month!!).


Landing Pages that convert


On a website, the importance of a landing page cannot be overstated. That single place forms the basis of a customer’s impression of the brand.


From there, customers will decide if they want to make a purchase or complete the desired action. So, if the landing page is weak, it will directly impact success.


Maxout recognizes this fact well enough and acknowledges that not everyone has advanced coding knowledge. So, they came up with a solution in the form of templated landing pages. This saves gym owners the trouble of having to get everything done by themselves.


Use the drag-and-drop form and funnel builders to create landing pages that convert traffic to leads, and get stored in the Maxout Platform. These pages are customizable and have just enough tools to ensure that users can make the most of them.


Gymleadmachine do offer this innovative feature.


Analytics tracking


Maxout offers a complete Advanced Analytics Dashboard, and the ability to track the ROI of your marketing campaigns has become easy through our advanced Dashboard. Track stats such as cost per lead, cost per appointment, cost per show, cost per acquisition, scheduling rate, show up rate, closing rate. You also track the body weight and composition change of your clients easily.


As for Gymleadmachine, they do offer to keep track of stats and leads as well.


Sales pipeline and funnels creation


Maxout offers a funnel management platform which helps you track websites, lead acquisition, membership data and conversion percentage. All arranged in an easy-to-use interface for every gym owner.


Gymleadmachine does also have a designed pipeline funnel model.


Mobile application


This happens to be Maxout’s edge over many mobile management systems. Maxout has a mobile app for android and iOS, with a simplified interface which comprises all the features of Maxout, push notifications are enabled. You can also;


  1. View and manage dashboard, sales pipeline and reports
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. Schedule calls and events with the inbuilt calendar
  4. Track leads and keep records.


Unfortunately, Gymleadmachine does not have an application.


Social media advertising


Maxout has special social media advertising and targeting tools to help you get the most advantage of social media. Maxout offers how to set up ads on Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager. You will have access to an all-in-one platform which connects all your ad campaigns to one dashboard, it automates the follow-up, nurturing, scheduling and on-boarding of leads.


Sadly, Gymleadmachine doesn’t support ads on it’s platform.


White labeled courses


Maxout allows you to build as many courses as you want, giving you the opportunity to share your knowledge with your gym members. We also include a free special mindset course which helps your leads, turned members, shift their mindset for the better because we all know training the body in a Gym yields excellent results when the mind is in the right place. The contents include; addressing mind, body and emotion to help them get that body and life transformation.


Not only that, you also get a free white labelled nutrition course which extends for more than four weeks and properly teaches your members, how to properly feed their body nutritious food and stay healthy at all times. These courses can be modified and tweaked to make them your own – or simply create your own courses!


This is a feature that Gymleadmachine simply does not provide.


In Conclusion


The disparity between Maxout and Gymleadmachine is small. But in reality, MaxOut’s fee is much less than Gymleadmachine’s for very similar features.

MaxOut’s fee: $95/month

Gymleadmachine: $300/month


Maxout even has more advantages over Gymleadmachine, like an app for instance. In addition, Maxout is the only Gym lead management platform that has group calls to support users. Users will be able to ask questions and receive answers in real time via video call group coaching, as well as exchange with other platform users. Every gym owner is allowed to share ideas, as well as ask questions and receive answers on the go!


As such, any gym owner who is looking to get the most value for their dollar should sign up with Maxout. Even outside the features listed here, Maxout is as reliable as it is effective and can be considered one of the platforms to obtain, manage leads and grow your gym into a Million Dollar business.


The secret weapon: Cash Now campaign training



Maxout allows you to implement something that no other gym lead management software is offering; a “$10,000+ IN 10 DAYS” campaign today. It’s simple and it will create sales for you. With this strategy, you can add an extra $10k+ in revenue, without advertising on social media. The key is to generate more cash from current members wanting to pay you MORE! And from old leads wanting body and life transformations. https://go.maxoutyourgym.com/

MAXOUT All-In-One Platform is the #1 Client Acquisition Platform For Fitness Professionals

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