How Do i make Difficult Emotional Decisions

How Do I Make Difficult Emotional Decisions?

In order to have the right mindset for this transformation program, you’ll need to be able to be decisive. 

This program is simple, but not easy since it will require emotional decision making.

So how can you become fearless, stress-free and take massive action ON DEMAND?

In this lesson, we’ll cover the concept of heart breathing, a technique that helps you find focus and clarity to handle tough situations and emotional decisions. We’ll cover the scientific findings of the relationship between your brain and your heart, then explain the technique for you to try it out yourself. You’ll be able to change your emotional state and find the solutions you need, even for the most emotional decisions.


Research shows that you have 60 times the energy coming out of the heart, as you do the brain. No wonder your heart’s state dramatically impacts how your brain works. You can see the connection here looking at these brain and heart monitor readings of someone under stress:

Both the EEG (measuring brain waves) and the EKG (measuring heart activity) are completely jagged. Frustration and stress make both sets of waves go sharply up and down; they’re also not at all aligned.

Now look at these readings for someone whose heart and brain are aligned:

Here the cycles of electricity in the brain and heart match. This effect happens when you breathe with your heart. Everything literally synchronizes; the mind and heart are no longer separate.

This state happens when you are grateful, appreciative and know that when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

If you can channel the power of your heart, you can take back control of the mind and end your frustration, stress, and suffering. When your heart and mind are aligned, you will know what to do. Suddenly emotional decision making feels less fraught because your entire being has focused on finding the right solution.


Tony Robbins says:

“Get in your head, you’re dead.” 

When you’re in your head, you’re more likely to be stressed, angry or fearful. But when you’re grateful, appreciative and have FAITH you can’t be angry, stressed or afraid. It’s impossible to have these two states at the same time. Each state annuls the other. 

One of the quickest ways to change your state of mind is to change your physiology. As we can clearly see, when you focus on the heart instead of the mind, everything becomes calm and regular. But stay in your head — as we do when we’re stressed — and your heart and mind are at odds. That’s the reason heart breathing uses gratitude and appreciation as a focal point; since it interrupts that negative state and harnesses your heart’s energy.

Clearly, the heart does more than just keep you alive. Tony Robbins talks about the heart as the central intelligence of the human spirit. It’s autonomous from anything else. Where better to find the answers you’re looking for? 

Another benefit to harnessing your heart is its literal power. Remember, it’s got 60 times energy of your brain. Instead of trying to process your problems with your brain alone, add the heart and you can figure anything out. It’s like swapping a bicycle for a rocket. 

This transformation system is a proven system but will need hard work, decision making, and relentlessness. 

You might experience some tough times with this program: a prospect that you won’t close, a video ad that won’t perform as expected, or maybe a show-up rate under 20%.

You will need to follow the system and HAVE FAITH.

By breathing in your heart for two minutes you’ll find the answer you need. Remember that PEOPLE BUY YOU. So if you follow the system to a T, then the solution is to fix something WITHIN YOU. It might be the confidence that you have in your own head on your ability to transform your clients’ bodies. Or your fear of charging a high-ticket price because you don’t think that you are worth this premium price. No matter the issue, your solution is already there, within you. And with some practice, emotional decision making will become less and less daunting.


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