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Day 2 – How to Coach Your Members on Their Mindset

If handling the mindset coaching sounds too daunting to you, you can just delegate to Lauren and her team!

Or if you are comfortable handling it with the majority of your members, but some members are more difficult to work with and they aren’t getting the breakthroughs they need to get, you can also ask Lauren to handle those tough cases. 

For instance, you might realize during a weekly check-in or during a sales consultation that your member experienced a traumatic sexual abuse event. And that this is the reason why this person is now binge eating.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than we might think:

Even if you can probably help the majority of your clients with their mindset, this example is a very complicated case and we highly recommend that you steer this person to a more experienced mindset coach, like Lauren.

Here’s the link to Lauren’s calendar to get more information about this DFY service:


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