Introduction to the $10,000 in 10 Days Challenge

Introduction to the $10,000 in 10 Days Challenge

You are probably sitting on a gold mine.

The good news is that you can implement a “Cash Now” campaign today. It’s simple and, it WILL create sales conversations for you.

With this strategy, you can add an extra $3k to $20k+ in revenue…

…and without advertising on social media.

The key is to generate more cash from CURRENT members wanting to pay you MORE! And from OLD LEADS wanting something truly transformational.

How is that possible?

Because you just became a Premium Transformation Center, a premium Health/Wellness Center rather than “just” a micro-gym providing hours of fitness coaching.

What I mean by “Premium” is NOT “luxurious”. I’m not speaking about fancy showers, lemon mint & cucumber water, and towel service.

What I mean by “Premium” is result-focused. You’re now going to help your clients with:

  • their nutrition,
  • their sleep,
  • their stress,
  • their mindset,
  • their cooking skills,
  • checking that they actually follow their diet properly,
  • their recovery,
  • more 1:1 coaching,
  • more “intimacy” with them,
  • their gut health,
  • lifestyle changes based on their habits,
  • more and better accountability,
  • progress tracking via Body Scans,
  • etc…

So you start ensuring the outcome, the results. The body transformation, the life change.

When you only help them with exercise, you can expect a 5-30% success rate (in terms of body and life change). 

But when you help them with everything they need to reach their goals, it becomes absolutely 100% certain.

So you stop selling hours of fitness coaching, and you start selling the life transformation.

What’s great when you do this is that they won’t need to have an unlimited membership at the gym.

In fact, we will want to sell the efficiency rather than selling “unlimited”.

Because it is much sexier for your clients to train just 3 times a week with 30 min sessions, than it is to train 5 times a week with 1 hour long sessions.

You are a gym owner, you are a competitor, you are “elite” in your head. I am the same way, I used to be an athlete, I was part of the French national team of crew rowing.

But your prospects are not like you and I. They don’t wanna be gym rats. Heck, they don’t even want to go to the gym at all. They just wanna stay healthy and fit.

So they’d rather spend 1.5h training per week at the gym than 5 hours.

If you need a heart surgery, would you rather pay $10,000 for a 10 hour long procedure… or you’d rather pay the same price for a 15-min procedure?

You just want to stay alive, you want the result. You don’t pay your heart surgeon an hourly fee. You pay him for saving your life.

It should be the same for you…

If you just sell hours of fitness, then your membership pricing should be:

→ 3x a week: $150/month

→ Unlimited: $200/month

If you start selling the efficiency and the outcome, then it becomes:

→ 3x a week: $200/month

→ Unlimited: $150/month

Right? If the outcome is the same if they show up only 3 times a week then it’s a superior program! Which should be worth more.

And now if you make sure that your program has a 100% success rate (because you help with all the other things that people need in order to actually transform)…

Then your program becomes a bulletproof program that is worth much more.

So you can get rid of your unlimited membership, because 2 or 3 workouts a week is already plenty to transform their bodies… and their lives.

And they don’t even need to come to the gym for every workout.

You can have a hybrid program where they would do an at-home bodyweight workout once a week, and the two other sessions with weights at the gym.

And you can do this 100% online as well.

And you can start charging $300, $400, $500 a month for a 3x a week membership.


Let’s consider that you have 150 members at the gym.

And that you communicate to them that you are becoming a Health/Wellness Center and that you’d like to sit down with them to get to know them better: their life, their struggles, their goals,…

You set up a 1:1 consultation with each one of them.

Once you meet with them, you are going to realize that plenty of them need more help to reach their dream body, their dream life.

Let’s consider that a third of them would need more help. So that’s 50 peeps.

Out of those 50 members, you can get:

  • 3 of them upselling to your most premium and transformative membership at $500 a month
  • 10 of them upselling to your Workouts + Nutrition + Accountability + Recovery + Progress Tracking membership at $400 a month
  • 37 of them upselling to your Workouts + Nutrition + Accountability membership at $300 a month

If we do the math, that’s:

  • 3 X $500 = $1,500
  • 10 X $400 = $4,000
  • 37 X $300 = $11,100

That’s a total of $16,600.

They were previously paying you a total of 50 X $150 = $7,500.

So $16,600 – $7,500 = $9,100.

That’s an extra $9,100 in recurring revenue with the same amount of members.

Btw… I’m only speaking about upselling your current members here.

But do you know what else you could do?


1/ Follow up with your old leads that never converted into clients

They weren’t sure they could get the results since you were only helping with the workouts previously – but now they have more certainty since you also help with nutrition, accountability, progress tracking, mindset…)

2/ Follow up with your former-members

The ones who left because they weren’t reaching their goals fast enough – now if you tell them that your services are superior and that the outcome is guaranteed, some of them will want to come back.

3/ Promote your new premium services to your newsletter subscribers

They didn’t convert as clients earlier because they didn’t have certainty they could reach their goals with the workouts only. Now they have that certainty from your new added result-focused services.

4/ Promote your new premium services to your Facebook group members

Same as #3.

5/ Promote your new premium services to your Instagram followers

Same as #3.

Let’s assume that you get 6 ex-members back, 16 old leads to convert, and 11 peeps from your newsletters, Facebook and Instagram followers…

That’s an extra 33 peeps enrolling into your premium memberships.

Out of those 33 peeps, you can get:

  • 3 of them joining your most premium and transformative membership at $500 a month
  • 6 of them joining your Workouts + Nutrition + Accountability + Recovery + Progress Tracking membership at $400 a month
  • 24 of them joining your Workouts + Nutrition + Accountability membership at $300 a month

If we do the math, that’s:

  • 3 X $500 = $1,500
  • 6 X $400 = $2,400
  • 24 X $300 = $7,200

That’s a total of $11,100.

So if we add the extra $9,100 in recurring revenue from the current members with these $11,100, we are now at $20,200.

$20,200 in extra revenue without doing any paid advertising, but just by becoming a Premium Health/Wellness Center.

Pretty good, right? And it’s not like I have been coocoo with those numbers. They are pretty conservative.

Let’s be even more conservative now, just for the exercise…

Let’s divide those numbers by 2.

Let’s consider that your gym is half the size and that you only get half of those new peeps generated from your existing network.

Meaning a small gym of 75 peeps, so only 25 peeps that would be interested by your new premium memberships…

…and only 17 new clients from your existing network.

REALLY conservative numbers now.

That’s still an extra $10,100 a month in recurring revenue.

Not bad…

Especially since you can easily have a 50% profit margin with these kinds of premium memberships.

50% of $10,100, that’s $5,050 in profit, per month.

That could be a good increase of your salary as the biz owner, right?

Or maybe CREATE that salary that you’re not paying yourself right now?


Here are the next steps:

1) Build a more Premium Membership or Body Transformation Program

Charge $500-$1,000 for your 6/8/12-wk Body Transformation program and a minimum of $200 for your premium membership. Ideally, you want to charge $300, $400 or even $500 a month for your premium memberships.

2) Send emails + text messages

You’ll invite people to join your Premium Membership or Body Transformation Program BEFORE launching your advertising.

We will want to:

  1. Set up appointments with you current members
  2. Set up appointments with your former members (the one you’d like to get back)
  3. Set up appointments with your old leads

3) Build trust and rapport by speaking with them, then schedule appointments

4) Run consultations (follow the MAXOUT Enrollment Process)

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