😈🔮Black Magic VS White Magic 🪄✨

Explore Black Magic vs White Magic with HolosBody

In order to grow gyms, there are basically 2 methods that work really well.

😈🔮The black magic and the white magic. 🪄✨


The black magic recommended by some business gurus is to just spend more on ads or message a bunch of strangers on Facebook groups and invite them to join a free offer, usually a free 21-day or a free 6-wk challenge. So that you can eventually get new members.

That sounds great, and it works really well!


Over time, it is not that simple…

When gym owners and PTs use this black magic, they have a low conversion rate from challengers to members, and even if they do get new members, the majority of the members stay for only 2/3 months and then leave.

And the fit pros have to go back to square 1 and do more ads and more DMs.

It’s an endless cycle. It’s a hamster wheel and it’s exhausting.

At some point, it stops working because the gym has reached everyone in the local area, would have gotten a bunch of clients but retained a small fraction, and now everyone in town knows that the type of results the gym provides to their clients are not that great.

The reputation is so-so, because the gym provides “Okay” results but not OUTSTANDING transformational results.

So this black magic works at the beginning, but after a while it stops working and the more time goes on, the more the gym hurts its own reputation.

And word of mouth doesn’t work for them.

The worst part of this black magic is that you have to use gimmicks and tricks to make this work.

Fit pros are forced to treat their prospects and clients as if they were robots instead of human beings.

They use free challenges that aren’t really free because the gym clients would still have to get a credit card on file and the prospects would be pushed to buy supplements they don’t necessarily need.

And the gym owner would have to try closing them in the middle of the free challenge with a discount, and again at the end of the challenge if it didn’t work the first time, with a down-sell and other pressuring black magic methods.

Or they would use bait-and-switch offers where they would advertise the challenge as free but in reality there is a $600 deposit…

Just a bunch of tricks, lies, gimmicks and high-pressure strategies from used car salesmen…


With white magic, you start by improving the results you can provide to your members.

You provide Health Coaching and Mindset Coaching to your members, so that you can start providing transformational results to them.

From there, you are able to generate amazing body and life success stories from your clients.

Then you share those success stories by using storytelling techniques.

Your marketing, advertising and sales process is so much easier as you are just sharing the amazing results ACTUALLY happening at your gym.

And finally, your retention and reputation is outstanding, therefore your word of mouth is on autopilot.

With white magic, you are able to do what you’re here for.

Not unethically push your prospects to enroll as members…

But instead you are truly INSPIRING your prospects and clients into their growth with you.

You don’t use gimmicks, tricks or lies.

Instead, you show the truth and the certainty in your ability to help people, and your prospects see the truth, align with it, and willingly agree to pay full price for their memberships ($200, $300, $400, $500 a month).

When your prospects resonate with YOUR certainty it’s very magnetizing, and makes the whole sales process smooth and comfortable. You’re coming from a place of compassion, caring and certainty.

And there’s no hamster wheel anymore.

Instead of focusing on “more ads, more DMs”, you work on your RESULTS first, and THEN you enroll dozens/hundreds of new high-paying members with ethical marketing and sales strategies (until you are maxed out).

It’s much easier and sustainable.

And you can look at yourself in the mirror and see an ethical white magic wizard. 🧙‍♂️

So… If you want to learn how to efficiently use white magic…

Click here now: https://go.holosbody.com

To your success,


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