Success is hard. We coached every one of our clients through fear and challenges to find success. Every business is different, therefore your results may differ from the results of others. This is not a “get rich quick” or “get rich easy”—success under our program requires hard work.

HolosBody is a premier sales and marketing education and training company, specifically tailored for fitness professionals, including gym owners and personal trainers.

While HolosBody is committed to providing high-quality training and resources, we do not offer a business opportunity, a “get rich quick” program, or a money-making system.

We firmly believe that through education businesses and individuals can be better equipped to make informed marketing and business decisions. 

Our materials, methodologies, and teachings are strictly our intellectual property and are protected under intellectual property law. Any unauthorized duplication, reproduction, or distribution of these materials is expressly prohibited.

The training we provide may not be suitable for every individual or situation. We do not make any representations regarding the likelihood or probability of achieving specific business outcomes or that any business activity will perform predictably in any given situation.

Testimonials and statements made on our platform represent the opinions, findings, or experiences of those individuals who have engaged with HolosBody’s education and training programs. It is crucial to understand that results can vary significantly. Success depends on several factors including individual effort, time, skill, as well as various other conditions and factors that we cannot control. We do not measure our clients’ earnings or financial performance; rather, we monitor the completion of transactions and the satisfaction level of our services through voluntary surveys.

It’s been observed that clients actively engaging with HolosBody’s programs generally have a higher likelihood of success compared to those who do not show the same level of commitment and involvement. However, this should not be misconstrued as a guarantee of financial success. It’s also worth noting that many clients may choose not to continue with the program, may not fully implement the strategies taught, or may face challenges in applying these strategies effectively.

HolosBody may provide links to, or reference content and/or services created by third parties not affiliated with HolosBody. We are not responsible for such external content and do not endorse or approve it unless expressly stated. Additionally, HolosBody may offer services or refer you to third party businesses, some of which may share common interests or ownership with our company.

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