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Remi is a fitness marketer that goes beyond just setting up ads, funnels and sales systems. He also helps gym owners with their mindset, identity and creating a lifestyle that ensures more profit and – much more important – more freedom!

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For the last 6 years, we have been helping gym owners, personal trainers and fitness professionals, get better results with their fitness clients so that they can differentiate themselves from the competition.

Once going through our program, our clients aren’t conventional gyms anymore. As we install simple systems to help the gym members in terms of:

  • Health Coaching
  • Accountability & Habit Coaching

These systems are very fast to implement within the gym as we use online courses and an AI Health Coach that we install in less than 5 minutes.

These systems allow gym owners to provide transformational results to their members.

It is not about just providing classes, and access to a facility with workout equipment. It is about helping your gym members stick to new habits in terms of their nutrition, sleep, stress management, mobility and flexibility,…

It is about helping them get rid of chronic diseases, achieve their health and fitness goals, and become a higher version of themselves.

Our gym owner clients go from being positioned as conventional gyms to being positioned as transformational gyms.

Once our gym owner clients install our transformational coaching systems, we help them with their messaging, positioning, marketing, lead generation and sales process so they can consistently generate 20-50+ new high-paying members per month.

We help turn what they have into more profitable, sustainable fitness businesses so that they can have the income, the freedom and the impact they deserve.

Your business must give you all 3 or you’ll never be happy with it.

And it needs to provide all of these consistently with a sustainable system. Without relying on content marketing, free trials, discounts, free bait-and-switch 6-week challenges, or clickbait advertising.


HolosBody™ Is Different

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We LOVE our clients. And we love our client’s clients. We truly care about changing your life, and the lives of your clients. We operate with total integrity in every aspect of our business. We have a cutting-edge strategy that gets results, and we have the best support of any consulting company in the fitness industry.

That’s the reason why our clients are all winning, and winning big.

But the truth is that we are NOT for everyone. There are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t work with us.

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT
do Business With Us…


Don’t work with us if you
want a Magic Pill

We definitely make the journey easier, as we provide:

1 – Health Coaching App & Online Course you can use with your gym members (just add your logo) to help them with Mindset, Habits, Exercising, Stress Management, Rest, Recovery, Sleep, Mobility, Flexibility, Nutrition, Gut Health, Detox, Emotional Health, and more.
2 – AI Health Coach trained with the content from the Health Coaching App & Online Course. It understands the content inside out, making it an expert in all these aspects of health. What’s amazing about our AI Health Coach is its 24/7 accessibility. Members can easily seek advice on their smartphones, tablets and computers, any time of the day or night. No more waiting for a coach to become available!
3 – Done-For-You Ad and CRM Setup. No need to learn the complicated tech stuff.
4 – Scripts and Cheat-Sheets to sell with love and integrity.

But success takes a lot of hard work. There are no substitutes. If you believe in something for nothing, we can’t help you. You must be willing to pay the price for success.

We make it simple. We give you a step-by-step game plan for expanding your business and your mindset. We also do a lot of the work FOR YOU. But, even though we make it simple, no one can make it EASY.

Every gym owner client result and case study you see on this site showed up coachable, decisive, and resourceful. They did everything we told them to. They pushed through setbacks, overwhelm, and challenges, and they earned their success.

Get rich quick” does not exist in the real world. Neither does “get rich easy”.


Don’t work with us unless
you're ready to deliver a top-notch
transformational experience to your fitness clients

Part of what makes our fitness professional clients so successful is that we empower them to command premium prices. That is, to charge what they’re really worth. Usually, this is in the neighborhood of $2,400 – $15,000 for every client who comes in the door, per year.

To command those kinds of prices, your services must be transformational.

We will give you the simple systems to support your gym members in terms of Health, Accountability & Habit coaching so that you can provide transformational results to your clients.

With the HolosBody coaching systems, we will show you how to help your clients tackle the major issues and challenges of fitness, health and life.

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Don't work with us if you are
not 100% committed to
helping your fitness clients win

Our entire marketing and business philosophy is built around one question: “What is going to get the best outcomes for our clients?”

That’s how we make every decision about everything in our business, from where we advertise, to the prices we charge, to how we deliver our programs.

We will expect YOU to do the same thing.

Understand this: money and freedom are just the by-products of helping your clients win. If you’re not willing to put your gym members FIRST, and to do what it takes to help them succeed, we’re not a fit to work together.

All that being said, let’s talk about who is a fit to work with HolosBody.

Who We Work With

Who We’re For…

If you want to create massive breakthroughs, body transformations and life transformations for your clients, we can definitely help you enroll more of the right clients, more often.

You must be Coachable. Decisive. Resourceful.

You must be dead serious about scaling your fitness business and going after your life dreams… while helping your clients win every step of the way.

If that’s you, then click this link and check out our latest complimentary masterclass where we reveal the step-by-step strategies we use to help our gym owner and personal trainer clients build the business of their dreams.


Our Outstanding Client Acquisition Results

All of our clients are using our MAXOUT All-In-One Platform, and with this software we can track the data and results that they are getting.

Below are the results that our clients get on AVERAGE: 

With the cutting-edge marketing and advertising systems our clients use, they are able to generate very cheap leads: {{Cost Per Lead}} per lead.

Their conversion rates after the lead generation are also optimized. That’s how the average cost per acquisition per new gym member is really cheap, only {{Cost Per Acquisition }}.

They generate new gym members who pay them a minimum of $150 per month, and oftentimes $200, $300, $400 or even $500 per month.

This way they immediately have a positive return on investment as {{Cost Per Acquisition }} < $150.

Their new members then keep paying monthly for their memberships and stay for another 6 months, 1 year, or more.

That’s between $1,800 and $6,000 per year per client.

How many times would you invest just {{Cost Per Acquisition }} to get $1,800-$6,000 back?

With a very cheap cost per acquisition ({{Cost Per Acquisition }}) and a high Customer Lifetime Value ($1,800-$6,000), our clients Return On Investment is very high: {{Long-Term ROI}}X.

Meaning that each and every time that they invest $1 into advertising, they get ${{Long-Term ROI}} back!

What 1% Of Fitness Pros Know That You Don’t

These gym owners and personal trainers worked hard to reach their goals. If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.

Holos Body

Grow a profitable and sustainable fitness business & reach your life goals

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