Max Out Your Gym™ is now HolosBody™.

We’ve been helping gym owners for the last 5 years, and over time, we’ve helped them differentiate themselves from the competition.

Once going through our program, our clients aren’t “your typical gym” anymore. Our clients learn skills like:

  • health coaching
  • accountability coaching
  • trauma-informed coaching
  • mindset coaching

These skills allow them to provide transformational results to their clients.

It is not about just providing classes, and access to a facility with workout equipment. It is about helping your fitness clients stick to new habits, help them change their perspectives, and support them with their trauma that might be in the way.

It is about helping them get rid of chronic diseases, achieve their health and fitness goals, and become a higher version of themselves.

Once going through our program, our clients enter a new category in the fitness niche. They are positioned as Holistic Transformation Centers.

This is the reason why we changed the name of Max Out Your Gym™ to HolosBody™ to reflect the creation of this new category.

Once our clients enter this new Holistic Transformation Center category, we help them with their messaging, positioning, marketing, lead generation and sales process so they can consistently generate 20-50+ new high-paying members per month.

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