Master the combination of direct response marketing, mindset & branding & get more qualified and cheaper leads.


Other programs

With a cost per lead at $35.20, you would need $7,040 in Facebook ad spend to generate 200 leads.

Max Out Your Gym

With a cost per lead at $2.14, you would ONLY need $428 in Facebook ad spend to generate 200 leads.



  • We teach you how to bridge the gap between your gym/studio culture (the vibe of who you are) and your marketing
  • Not just generic and gimmicky ads, videos and landing pages. But how to set up your campaigns with your own marketing materials (your own videos, your own social proof, your own pictures…)

Here is why:

Other programs

With templated marketing, your prospects will feel misleaded once they show up to your gym. They will realize that the spokesperson wasn’t from your gym, they will realize that it wasn’t even your gym on the video ad. They will also realize that your social proof was fake… They will fill cheated because everything has been based on a LIE! And it is hard to gain the trust back in order to close the deal.

Max Out Your Gym

With CUSTOMIZED & BRANDED marketing, you will increase the intimacy level and close the deal more easily. You will be able to create strong engagement and generate a high volume of leads with a very low cost per lead and cost per acquisition = a better return on investment (ROI).


Chris S generated 60+ members in 45 days with only $500 in ad spend. That’s only $11 bucks a day in ad spend, that’s 1.33 new clients a day, and that’s only $8 bucks to acquire a new client!


The customized ads make it far more believable, and give you that intangible sense, I believe, for your customers that understand “Hey, I am seeing the same person in the video that is at the gym” that was a big deal to me being a blue collar and I appreciated that. We are in the videos, when our clients come in they see us, they see this gym in the background, when they show up, they see this gym, and so INSTANTLY it builds TRUST. You know, I am trying to overcome that weird obstacle that I believe is in the back of people’s minds when they see videos that are generic. And those work, those are great. Remi has those if you’re someone who’s like “Hey, I absolutely don’t want to do a video, I hate videos, I’ll never gonna do a video, I don’t have time for a video”: he’s got those. But, I implore you when you get started, do custom! Because it works much better. It’s far superior.

Chris from Barbell Republic

Chris N made $25k in 5 weeks as a PT/Health Consultant with ONLY 4 high ticket clients. He is enrolling clients into a $8,000 program (12-week program).



1st Module
Welcome & Mindset

Taking your business to the next level requires a new frame of mind. We’re going to start you off strong by re-igniting an abundance mindset so that you make the system work.


2nd Module
Intro To Your Marketing & Sales Funnel

Here you’ll get introduced to your customer acquisition system. We’ll provide the foundation for understanding your marketing & sales funnels.


3rd Module
Your Irresistible Offer

You’ll learn about the best proven offers to promote your gym and how to quickly implement them.


4th Module
Scheduling & Show-Up Strategies

This module has secret strategies to maximize your scheduling rate & your show-up rate. Getting leads is nice, but it’s all a waste of time if they don’t convert into new members. You’ll get access to our proven appointment setting script and be able to generate a 70% scheduling rate, or better!


5th Module
MAXOUT Enrollment Process

Use our “MAXOUT” closing process & scripts and get a 80% closing rate, or better! With this sales process, you’ll be able to enroll clients into high-ticket programs (up to $10,000 for a transformation program).


6th Module
Quick-Launch The System In Less Than A Week

With this module, you’ll receive our proven templates and systems so you can quickly launch your marketing campaigns: ads, landing pages, online scheduling system… You’ll also get access to our proprietary SMS ChatBot and CRM system with an integrated sales reporting dashboard. Best part — you launch right away!


7th Module
Customize Your Funnel To 3x Your Results

This module is the added secret sauce. You’ll get access to key strategies to sky-rocket lead gen through customized branded marketing that builds rapport and intimacy. With this module, you’ll be able to generate leads as cheap as $2 per lead and increase your show-up and closing rates exponentially.


8th Module
Converting Challengers Into Members

This module will teach you the best strategies to convert your challengers into members.


9th Module - Analyzing & Optimizing Your Results

This module will teach you how to look at your data, and optimize your campaigns based on your results.


I would highly suggest taking advantage of the consulting that you get alongside the marketing and lead generation. And I would go as far as to say that the consulting work that Max Out Your Gym does is almost as valuable, if not more valuable than the lead generation itself

Blaine from Actualize Sports & Fitness


We turned on this campaign 3 days before Christmas and I remember sitting there at home with my two little kids, my baby and toddler, getting notifications on my phone saying ‘this lead just came in’ and ‘oh look, they just booked an appointment’. You don’t have to do anything!

Carey from CrossFit Moirai


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